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Jul 25

Jul 24


skeletons have become a meme and that means there is a meme inside you, with you at all times.

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Our Nixon (2013)

"Perhaps there is no Richard Nixon but only the public spectacle we might call the Nixoniad. The so-called Checkers speech of 1952 gave him a larger audience than any politician in history had enjoyed up until that time. The 1970 photograph of him with Elvis remains the most requested item in the National Archive. Nixon’s trip to China occasioned an opera; his televised interviews with David Frost from 1977 were fodder for a Broadway play and a Hollywood movie. The media is his home. Our Nixon’s funniest bit catches the Leader of the Free World in private conversation with Haldeman and Ehrlichman, pondering the sitcom All in the Family and ranting about the glorification of homosexuality on the public airwaves. To watch Our Nixon is to see our thirty-seventh president as the ghost in the machine, a funny-looking gremlin who haunts the national TV set.”

J. Hoberman

Alternative Candidate Rating: 4/5

A friendly reminder that Our Nixon is one of the most intriguing political documentaries in recent memory. It is also one of many Kickstarter-funded films you can watch now

I’m very interested in the fact that this film was filmed by a motorcycling bear


y’all might be under the impression that my dad is super cool and hangs out with my friends when I can’t or whatever but in reality he just sits on the couch and watches The Lego Movie on repeat by himself

Can we make like a panopticon, but instead of prisoners it’s topiaries

Studies show eating just 3 dictionaries a day can increase your chances of becoming a cosmic overmind of great import by 37%

*climbs into a pickle and goes around town looking for opportunities to say the thing*

Taste paste

From the people who brought you smell gel

Jul 23

Getting acquainted with Tyrion.

I’ve had the honour of meeting this dog before


Getting acquainted with Tyrion.

I’ve had the honour of meeting this dog before

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